Why do I need to test the battery in my EV?

This blog post explains the importance of testing the battery in your electric vehicle, and how it can help prolong the battery's life, improve performance, and save you money.


The battery is the heart and lungs of your car, and neglect can take a huge toll on its efficiency and performance. So as electric vehicle (EV) technology continues to evolve and become more prevalent, battery condition is one of the most important factors in the success of any EV.

Battery degradation (battery ageing) happens to every EV battery – just like our phone batteries. As a battery ages and the car drives more miles, the storage capacity of the battery decreases. If an electric car originally travels 150 miles on a full battery, its range could drop to 125 miles after a few years (IF it’s well looked after). If a phone’s charge initially lasts 24 hours, after a year, it can be 12. However, upgrading a phone isn’t difficult or quite so costly.

That’s why it’s important to understand the health of your EV battery and how you can extend its life.

Testing your EV battery is a good idea

There are several factors which make testing the health of your EV battery a good idea. One of the biggest is performance. By regularly testing your battery, you can ensure it is running as it should. Testing will detect signs of failure and degradation, meaning you can take preventative measures to protect the battery and its overall performance.

Here are some ways you can help prolong the life of your EV battery:

  • Keep the battery charge between 20% and 80%.
  • Limit the use of fast chargers.
  • Drive carefully and not aggressively.  
  • When it’s sunny, where possible, park in the shade.
  • In cold weather, park indoors when you can.

The other main reason for getting your battery tested is financial. Battery costs can start from £2000 for a module up to an eye-watering £10000 for a whole new battery. So if you are buying or selling a used EV, it’s important to have some assurance that the car’s battery has got plenty of life in it. If you are involved in leasing, used-car sales or EV servicing and repairs, then having clarity on an EV’s battery health is vital for your business. 

AVILOO Battery Tests

AVILOO, Austria has developed 2 types of EV battery tests, and they are the first products that can give you a manufacturer-independent battery health check which is neutral and comparable across manufacturers. There is nothing comparable on the market. The PREMIUM test is certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). 

Do you buy and sell EVs and hybrids? Are you part of a leasing company and want to know how the battery is doing after cars are returned? Do you service and repair EVs & Hybrids? Then the FLASH Test may be for you.

Get in touch to find out how you can become a FLASH Test partner workshop.

Are you considering buying a second-hand EV and want to know how good the battery is? Are you selling your own electric car and want to prove how well your EV battery performs? Does your manufacturer’s warranty on your battery expire soon? An easy-to-use PREMIUM Test from AVILOO might be something for you.

Get in touch to order your test.


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